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Recommendation of Board Chairman

Mr Dai Xueli, was born in luqiao taizhou city. He is post-graduated, senior economist and senior engineer. He is the committeeman of China Democratic National Construction Association n in Taizhou city、Renda representative of Taizhou city、luqiao government political consultation committee, the vice-chairman of business association in Luqiao,the chief of the delegate in international development between Austria and China,the vice-chairman of zhejiang province automotive- motorcycle parts chamber of commerce etc.

Mr Dai Xueli has accumulated full of theory and practice experience in the process of carving out career, with the vision of advanced innovation spirit and the idea of daring to be the best and keep in the top level. The company stated from register capital of one million and eighty thousand to a production value over one hundred million backbone and keystone of 128 enterprise integrate enterprise in Zhajiang province through producing auto parts, bearings, environment protecting, electrical implement and international trade in only nine years.

Mr Dai Xueli took part in the research in 5 series and more than 200 high varietals products. Zhejiang BH Bearing is a state-class high-tech enterprise engaged in motorcycle and automotive bearing production, It is Special Bearing Research Center has been listed as one of Provincial class Hi-tech Research and Development Center from 1997 to 2000 in row. BH Bearing Company is the professional manufacturer of motorcycle crankshaft bearing, automobile bearing and bearings for general-purpose electrical generators, and rewarded as the most important high-tech and faithful demonstrate enterprise in Zhejiang province.

Mr Dai Xueli decided to develop the environment protection study, and set up the new company in Beijing and Hangzhou which focus on the equipment about the test of water and atmosphere pollution and the industry system of environment protection study, production and sell and built service center. It’s the main channel to supply the well-known companies all over the world and to be their chief agent in china. Mr Dai Xueli was rewarded as the Excellent Enterpriser in Bearing Area, outstanding manager in enterprise, innovated high-tech operator in Zhejiang province, super excellence associate representative of Mingjian, labor exemplar in Taizhou, well-done enterpriser in Taizhou. talented person in technology. Most items he hosted has won the second-class high-tech mechanism in China.

He tried his best to advance the product and management. Meanwhile he paid much more attention to commonweal career. Such as fight for flood and relieve the people in disaster, helping the poor and educating the uneducated and help the hoping projects. He took action to return the society with total donation for millions. They put We Are Under the Same Blue Sky; Built the Doctor’s Dream in practice and he foster 55 excellent orphans in Sichuan ,Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and Taizhou city ,and he immures 7doctors in Beijing.Full of Deep Affection in Vernal Life----the Love Knot about Study between DaiXueli and 55 Orphans by reporter Qi Yuan in Guangming Daily on 26th October 2003.

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