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Commonweal career

President pays various attentions to commonweal career. Such as fight for flood to relieve the people in disaster, helping the poor and built the hoping projects. He took action to return the society with total donation with millions.

They put We Are Under the Same Blue Sky in practice and he foster 55 excellent orphans in Sichuan ,Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunlan and Taizhou city ,involving 5 provinces and 7 cities 15 county in 50 schools and 20 minority among them .

Most of the students who have been helped came to our company to celebrate the spring festival on invitation in 2001. Sijixi, the secretariat of Luqiao borough saw them in person. We also hold the summer camp of we are under the same blue sky in the revolution bethel in Guangxi province from 10th to 16th august 2003, also held the Intercommunion of Built the Doctor’s Dream in Beijing science and technology university on June 19th 2005.

Help the poor is the tradition virtue, we will never forget the poor days we have when we in rich, take action to return the society is every one’ duty. The famous manager in Japan once said that the main duty for the enterpriser is to dispel the poverty in the core. As a business man the most important aim is to make the whole society prosperous in stead of tradesman and agent
themselves. It can steady the society and help the poor; this is the meaning of economy. They put We Are in the Same Boat and hoping project in practice; we are start from the development of the society and pay much attention to the poor and youth not leniency and mercy. Our main aim is to help the poor and orphan can live well and study well, and get a bright future and made a contribution to our society.

Subsidization, warmth, universal fraternity and hope in order to helping the students to study well and live well, and hope them will take their high score to respond the society. We have nearly 20 students have passed the examination of entering the university in recent 5 years, and rewarded as the good ideology, good moral character and good learning. Most of them have won the competition among the county, city, provinces all over the china, and even the national contest.
A little spark kindles a great fire.
A little fair lights a wink lamp in to a bright light
A bright light guide us to success.
The world will full of love and all the students will become the talented person to respond our society with a bright future.


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