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Annotation of dingli :try all the best to make a biggest benefit to the society
Spirit of enterprise :dare to be the best with the first- class
Exhortation of the president :to be a honest person and do the innovated theings
The duty of dingli:do benefit to the society and guide people lead a happy life
Main idea: honest innovated
harmonious effective
Wish of dingli :dingli will have a bright future and the employee will lead a happier life
Quality promise : it is the vocation towards dingliren to responsible for the quality
Tenet of the enterprise: first class quality
try to be better
create value
return the society
Work style: deal with concrete matters relating to work act speak louder than words
The idea of management: client is the god
brand is the most important
Team work spirit: communicate initiatively
honest cooperation
Tenet of management: authority and duty cope with each other goal management
The service idea: betimes profecial honest satisfy
The idea of study: knowledge is power and study hard will make a bright future
The idea with the talented person: both morals and talent are all very important
Tafety of the manufacture: it is the most important thing to manufacture safely

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